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About 3D Cleaning Services

We get it right the first time
With over 30 years of residential, commercial, government, and educational cleaning, the 3D Cleaning Services team uses the latest technology, techniques, and solutions to clean your residence, business, site, government office, or institution.

It's our personal responsibility to provide you with the very best service possible - and to get it right the first time. We're your faster, smarter, affordable and convenient option.

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Why We're Different

Team with 30+ years of cleaning service experience.

Provide home, business, retail, bank, government, restaurant, construction, property & dealership cleaning services.

Our services can help towards cutting expensive energy, replacement and repair costs.

Use 100% pure Ninja carpet cleaning technology.

Allow customers to easily schedule and confirm service via website, phone, mobile, or tablet.

Teach you smart, easy ways to extend time between neessary cleanings.

Provide regular tips, and money-saving coupons to help you receive the most service for your dollar.

Our services can help your property's resale marketability.

Customer Reviews

  • Homeowner --
    Alexandria, VA

    "Now, I can see outside of my house!"

  • Realtor --
    McLean VA

    "Clean windows make my house smile"

  • Antique Car Dealer --
    Great Falls, VA

    "Wow! I can see the 7-Eleven [nearby] clearly!"

  • Lincoln Dealership --
    New Carrollton, Maryland

    “Wow – these floors look new!"

  • s

    Real Estate Photographer
    -- McLean VA

    "The clean windows allow for more sunlight and better pictures"

At 3D Cleaning Services, customer satisfaction is our #1 priority - and it shows. Our customers continue to use and refer our services year after year.

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3D Cleaning Services
Serving Metropolitan Charlotte, NC
Hours: Mon-Thurs 9:00AM - 5:30PM EST
Phone: (866) 646-4379
Email: service@3dcleaningservices.com