With local roots, nearly 3 decades of overall cleaning experience and 20+ years serving the Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC area, the 3D Cleaning Services team always provides you with the highest level of professional residential cleaning services:

Available Services:

  • • Windows
  • • Carpets
  • • Floors
  • • Power Washing
  • • Gutters

Service Locations:

  • • Single-family homes
  • • Apartments
  • • Condominiums
  • • Home Offices
  • • Rental Properties

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Residential Window Cleaning Services
Over 30 years total. You get a team whose members always use the latest smart techniques and solutions to clean just about any make, kind and number of windows:

  • • Awning Windows
  • • Casement Windows
  • • Picture Windows
  • • Bay Windows
  • • Double Hung Windows
  • • Jalousie Windows
  • • Hopper Windows
  • • Round Top Windows
  • • Ribbon Windows
  • • Oriel Windows
  • • Hold Mold Windows
  • • Bow Windows
  • • Portholes
  • • Obscure Glass Windows
  • • Transom Windows
  • • Single Hung Sash Windows
  • • Circle Bay Windows
  • • Arched Windows
  • • Skylights

Learn how clean windows could lower your utility bills & help you sell your home.

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Dirty Windows Can Co$t You...A Lot

Did you know that having dirty windows can lead to:

• Higher heating bills
• Expensive repair, replacement and restoration fees
• Hindered ability to resell your house.

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How Dirty Windows Hurt Your Wallet

Interesting fact: glass windows are porous. When elements and pollutants seep in, they can cause major damage, which can lead to expensive window repairs and replacements - even higher energy bills,as your heat escapes through the pores and cracks in your glass.

The culprits?

• Remnant spray/splatter from paint, sealant, and mortar.
• Hard minerals from building run-off or your sprinklers.
• Acid runoff from stains, paints or sealants.
• Oxidation damage to windows with metal screens or frames.

How Dirty Windows Can Hurt Your Home Sale Chances

“The age-old adage still holds true--curb appeal is key...Clean windows, just like having clean floors and counters, gives buyers the feeling the house is well cared for.” - Trulia.com, Real Estate Site

Clean windows add to the appearance and marketability of your property – offering instant curb appeal to your house, which is key for if/when it comes time to sell your home.

Why turn off or lose a potential buyer for something as simple as clean windows?

How Often Should I Have My Windows Cleaned?

It is recommended that windows in your home be cleaned at least once each year to maintain their quality.

For customers that are meticulous about clean windows, we recommend window cleaning twice a year, once in the spring and again in the fall.

Windows left dirty for long period of time will become oxidized - which can damage glass. When this happens a more aggressive and expensive cleaning process is needed to remove the oxidation.

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A Clear Difference: 3D Cleaning Services Window Cleaning
Regular window cleanings from 3D Cleaning Services could LOWER your heating bills, or even help you SELL your home. So, our window cleaning team always provide you:

• Preventative maintenance against costly repairs, replacements & higher heating bills.
• Best-organized systems, tools, techniques & solutions, specific to window cleaning.
• A smart approach that reduces amount of time spent in your home.
• Easy and convenient ways to ask questions, schedule service, or make a payment.
• The very best service possible, at an affordable price.
• A smart way to maintain, and possibly improve, your home's resale marketability.

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Residential Carpet Cleaning Services
After 28 years of deep-cleaning carpets, our team has developed a custom deep-cleaning system, featuring 100% NINJA technology. We know that not all cleaning methods are created equal.

So, whether it's one room, or a full house, with 3D Cleaning Services, you'll always receive:

Custom deep-cleaned:
  • • Rugs
  • • Plush
  • • Berber
  • • Industrial
  • • Commercial
  • 100% Ninja cleaning technology.
  • • Room, apartment, condo, townhouse, and single family home cleaning.
  • • Unique steam method developed over 18 years.
  • • Carpet that is dry and ready in only a few hours.

Think your carpet's already clean? You may be surprised.

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Carpets: How Clean Are Your Carpets...Really?

'Well, we just had our carpets steamed by that company with the commercials on TV'. Or, 'We just rented the $25/day steamer from the local supermarket, so I know it's clean'. We've all said and done this.

Surprise: did you know that some carpet cleaning processes only provide a top surface clean that may leave behind dust, dirt, allergens and worse that lurk beneath the surface of your carpets?

Terrible, right? Why does this happen?

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Carpets: All Steam Isn't Created Equal

Just because your carpet is “steam cleaned” doesn't mean it's actually clean.

Some steam cleaning methods leave behind excess water that may require several hours or all day to dry.

This not only allows for the recollection of dirt and dust, but could lead to mildew and fungus beneath your carpet pad.

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Carpets: 3D Cleaning Services Goes Beyond Steam & Chemicals

After 18 years of deep-cleaning carpets, our team knows that not all cleaning methods are created equal. So, whether it's one room, or a full house, you'll always receive:

• 100% Ninja cleaning technology.
• Deep-cleaning of all types of carpets, including rugs, berber and industrial quality.
• A uniquely developed deep-steam cleaning method developed over 18 years.
• Carpet that is dry and ready for use in only a few hours.

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Residential Floor Cleaning Services

Over the past 28 years, 3D Cleaning Services' team members have developed a floor cleaning process that is truly unique. Our customized scrub, pick-up, rinse and wax process leave your hard floor surfaces looking like new.

    Types of floors cleaned:
  • • Tile
  • • Wood
  • • Linoleum
  • • Granite
  • • Marble
    Cleaning services provided:
  • • Stripping
  • • Waxing
  • • Buffing
  • • Tile and grout cleaning

Don't endure days or weeks of inconvenience and spend thousands of dollars to have your floors refinished.

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Residential Gutter Cleaning Services
3D Cleaning Services affordably provides superior, complete gutter cleaning services to remove clogged and heavy leaves, weeds, snow, grass or debris from your side and roof gutters:

  • • We remove leaves, weeds, snow, grass, debris.
  • • Gutters are hand-cleaned.
  • • Gutter insides are cleaned and flushed to remove sediment.
  • • Gutter outsides are specially cleaned to remove black-streaks.
Learn why clean gutters = a safer home + less expense.
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Clean Gutters = A Safer Home

Did you know that common yard debris and the elements can clog your home's gutters, leading to unecessary expense, damage to your home, and danger to your loved ones?

Heavy and/or clogged gutters can:

• Fall dangerously from your roof.
• Rip and unexpectedly from your home's side.
• Prevent rainwater from flowing away from your home.
• Lead to yard puddles, basement seepage, and mildew

Why pay more later? Order affordable residential gutter cleaning from 3D Cleaning Services now!

Residential Power Washing Services
With over 3 decades of power washing experience, 3D Cleaning Services' team members affordably and thoroughly clean your home's interior and exterior surfaces - in a way that saves you time and money.

Our method combines powerfully pressurized, 180 degree water and a mild detergent to sanitize and remove remove dirt, mold, mildew, and accident spills:

Where We Clean
  • • Basements
  • • Driveways & Walkways
  • • Aluminium siding
  • • Patios & Porches
  • • Wood Decks & Fencing

  • • Brick exteriors & walls
  • • Stone exteriors & walls
  • • Wood exteriors
  • • Apartment & condo exteriors

See how thoroughly we can power wash your home in the least amount of time possible.

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Power Washing: Basements

In less time than it takes to do laundry, 3D Cleaning Services thoroughly power washes basements on your new construction and / or existing basements!

What we do:
• Remove dirt, mold, mildew, and accidents.
• Clean sewer back up with special biodegradable cleaners, disinfectants, and deodorizers.
• After the basement is dry we can tuckpoint walls, epoxy floors, and coat walls to keep water out.

Results: Your basement is left sanitized, refreshed and renewed.

Time it takes: Most basements are dry and ready for use in 3 hours!

*(time may vary depending on the size, usage, age, and desired results).

Power Washing: Concrete Driveways, Patios & Walkways

Concrete driveways and patios are porous - and thus easy catching places for gas, oil, rust, mold, and mildew. 3D Cleaning Services' methods thoroughly and effectively sanitizes your concrete driveways and patios in just a few short hours:

What we do:
• Clean concrete surfaces with highly pressurized hot water (180 degrees F) and mild detergents.
• Spot clean oil and rust spots.
• If sealer will be applied, we will acid etch the concrete pores for better sealer adhesion.

Results: Clean, spot-free concrete driveways and patios.

Time it takes: Normally just a few hours!*

*(time may vary depending on the size, usage, age, and desired results).

Power Washing: Wood Decks & Fences (1)

Does your pressure washing service know the difference between 'pressure treated' and 'weatherproof'? It could be the difference between restoring vs. damaging your fence or deck.

Guess what?

Pressure treated does not mean weatherproof. Pressure treated wood protects your deck or fence from rots and termites - but not from rain or sprinkler moisture. In fact, it actually makes your deck and fence wood more porous and at risk for water damage.

So, if your current pressure washing service doesn't know how to properly clean your pressure treated fence or deck, they could actually scar it.

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*(time may vary depending on the size, usage, age, and desired results).

Power Washing: Wood Decks & Fences (2)

With almost 3 decades of total experience (and over 20 years serving the DC Metro area), 3D Cleaning Services' team members not only know the difference between weatherproof and 'pressure treated' - we clean your wood deck or fence safely and time-effectively.

What we do:
- Use low pressure water and specialized cleaner formulated for pressure treated wood
- Safely wash away mildew, dirt and / or mold.

Your wood deck or fence is left clean and intact, rather than rough and splintered.

Time it takes: Normally, just a few hours/deck or fence!*

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*(time may vary depending on the size, usage, age, and desired results).

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